Bryce Cai

Bryce Cai is a Shanghai-born designer & artist whose design approach actively seeks to blur the lines between industries and cultures.

His pioneering work began with interiors but has expanded to include furniture, objects and various art forms. Ever in pursuit of stunning beauty, Cai's work utilizes design-thinking to create conceptually intriguing pieces that fuse quality, utility and pure aesthetics.

Cai's designs were recently featured in AD Magazine China, with two additional series being selected for "Best Works" Awards by the French GPDP 2020.

"Trumpet Chair" balanced harmonious geometric shapes with subtle asymmetry, softly layered with variations in texture, textile and leather.

"Backstage" incorporated traditional knitting craft, while using acrylic, crystal, metal, and other unorthodox materials. This collection of tapestries was also recognized with a Design Shanghai Picks Award.

Cai's design process continues to take inspiration from the natural beauty found in our lived environment, while exploring the interplay between collision and harmony, between object and space.

Exhibition Collection

Exhibition Detail Images

Swivel Armchair (2020)

Exhibition Detail Images

Fan Table (2020)

Exhibition Detail Images

Pearl Chair (2020)

Exhibition Detail Images

Backstage Serie#1 (2020)